With An Enthusiastic Team You Can Achieve Anything


Jason’s experience in martial arts has been a lifelong journey. In grade school, Jason was enrolled in martial arts classes by his parents to help him learn discipline and self respect. As an adult, Jason was able to enjoy competing and coaching in amateur and professional contests. 

For Jason, Fitness training was once considered to be a byproduct of being involved in martial arts. In order to compete as a fighter he had to be in shape. It wasn’t until he suffered a career ending knee injury that he began to take fitness more seriously. 

After gaining weight from a number of surgeries, Jason designed a strength and conditioning program that combined functional fitness and martial arts to help him get in shape. Through this process Jason learned to properly modify and progress movements based on his ability. Eventually, Jason found himself back in fight shape. But instead of getting back into the cage Jason decided to use what has learned to design programs that help anyone from the severely deconditioned to the professional athlete get into shape. 



Gloryanne has always been an active competitive person. As a child, she spent most of her years showing competitive horses. When she became a teenager, she took on competitive cheerleading. At the young age of 15, Gloryanne decided to take her fitness to the next level by getting involved in bodybuilding which eventually led to her competing in the bikini division of the NPC Washington State Open.  At the age of 22, Gloryanne began her martial arts training. For Gloryanne, fitness, martial arts, and competition have helped her immensely to develop self-confidence because these activities forced her to get out of her comfort zone and challenge her insecurities.

Outside of fitness and martial arts training, Gloryanne’s greatest passion in life has been helping others. At an early age, she helped rescue and rehabilitate horses that had been abandoned or injured. She has worked full time as a special needs caregiver. She has also used her years of cheerleading experience to coach other young cheerleaders. Gloryanne even traveled to Norway volunteer to provide care to refugees.

Gloryanne is most excited to combine her love of fitness and martial arts with her passion to help others. Her goal at Wild Style is to create an environment where members can improve their abilities in fitness and martial arts as well as develop self-confidence as they discover what they are truly capable of.




Sara’s fitness journey began in middle school when she enrolled in a life changing weight lifting class. From this class, she was able to overcome the adolescent body insecurities that are common among many young women. Along with her improved self-esteem, Sara also developed an interest in taking on new physical challenges. This is what led her to martial arts.

Sara’s first martial arts training took place in a family martial arts studio which specialized in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. Here, she immediately fell in love with the supportive environment and how empowering it was to learn how to defend herself. Because of this great experience, she has continued to train throughout adulthood. She has trained a number of different martial arts including boxing, Karate, kickboxing and wrestling.

Sara’s passion for fitness and martial arts led to her decision to become a trainer. As a trainer, she has travelled and taught all over the country, learned from industry leaders in both fitness and martial arts, and earned a number of specialized certifications.

Throughout the years, Sara has had the pleasure of bringing fitness and martial arts to thousands of people. She has also inspired a number of her peers to become trainers as well. Sara finds the most joy when she empowers others to live healthier and happier lives through fitness and martial arts training.



Kyle has been an active person his entire life. Through most of his childhood and teenage years, Kyle excelled as a basketball player. For Kyle, during his formative years, basketball was a great for way him to keep active and out of trouble. As an adult Kyle continued to pursue his passion as a basketball coach. 

Kyle’s path to martial arts began after he moved across the country from his home in Washington State to Maryland with with his wife and daughter. Kyle began training at Evolve Academy a mixed martial arts gym. He immediately fell in love with the physical and mental challenges of martial arts training. Eventually Kyle’s dedication led to him becoming a coach. 

Kyle has benefitted s great deal from training mixed martial arts. However, what Kyle loves the most is how training has helped him realize his strengths and challenge his weaknesses which in turn helped him become a better person in all facets of life. His goal as an MMA coach is to help other get over their obstacles and become the best versions of themselves.