What’s an MMA Bootcamp?

MMA requires physical strength in addition to knowledge across a variety of combat styles. The WildStyle MMA Bootcamp is a fun, fast-paced workout combining MMA skills with strength and endurance training. Whether your goal is to shed pounds, get stronger, improve performance and coordination, or teach your body to move new ways, this is the program for you!

What kind of equipment do I need?

Each session will combine MMA techniques along with strength and conditioning exercises. We recommend our members have boxing or MMA gloves, along with comfortable workout clothes. The Wild Style team can provide gloves for your complimentary first session.

Am I barefoot for the class?

Shoes are optional in this class. Because members will pivot FillFFand kick throughout the class, if using shoes, we encourage our members to ensure a comfortable, well-fitting pair. Helpful hint: Boxing, wrestling, kick boxing shoes or lightweight sneakers are all great options.

How long is each class?

Each Wild Style session is one hour, including a 10 minute optional cool-down period. These sessions are quite popular and fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance!

Is there sparring?

Although you will learn MMA skills, this class is not designed for sparring. Wild Style offers a separate curriculum-based kickboxing program where members can learn self-defense and fighting techniques with the opportunity to spar.


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