What is Wild Style Fusion?

Wild Style Fusion is a functional mobility workshop teaching members ways to improve body mechanics through guided flexibility, movement training and recovery. All you need is a yoga mat and an open mind! Get ready to feel amazing, rejuvenated and more flexible because in this class students targets mind and spirit! Wild Style Fusion sessions are one hour.


Corrective Exercise

Do you spend all day at a desk or in sitting in a car? Do you suffer from soreness because of past injuries? Our Wild Style Fusion class will guide you in correcting these issues, both in and out of the gym.


Improve the Way You Move

Sometimes basic movements like sitting down or bending over can be challenging. Wild Style Fusion can be a great class for anyone dealing with performance plateaus in the gym or common movement issues in their daily lives.

It Starts With Your Breath

The way we breathe throughout the day has a huge impact on our bodies and minds. Learning how to “breathe intentionally” is a core value we review in every class. By learning how to control breathing effectively, students will improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance along with enhanced physical performance. Improved breathing is a great way to reduce stress and moderate your mood throughout the day!



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We Want To Help You Be The Best YOU

The Wild Style Fusion class is designed to help you maximize your strengths by improving flexibility and movement. Fitness and martial arts can be taxing on the body, and by learning the proper recovery and corrective techniques in Wild Style Fusion we will help you train harder for longer!



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